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Teaching portfolio

I am a principal lecturer at Lapland University of Applied Sciences and my responsibilities include teaching and guiding master’s level students. I am the responsible teacher in Digital Business Management (DBM) Master Programme which is an international Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme. In DBM the language of instruction is English. In addition to DBM students, I also teach in other Master’s level education programmes at Lapland UAS Master School. 

Master’s level teaching in Lapland UAS Master School
  • Planning and horizons of the digital economy (5 ECTS)

  • Business Design Project (5 ECTS)                       

  • Business Ecosystems (5 ECTS)          

  • Business Research and Development Methods (5 ECTS)         

  • Digital Platform Economy (5 ECTS)              

  • Leading in Digitalized Service Business (5 ECTS)         

  • Digital Transformation Strategies (5 ECTS) 

  • Leading Knowledge and Networks (5 ECTS)          

  • Knowledge Management (5 ECTS)                     

  • The Basics of Knowledge-Based Management entrance exam course (5 ECTS)

  • Customer Interface and Business Networks (5 ECTS)

  • R&D Management (5 ECTS)

Master’s Thesis supervision and teaching :
  • Planning Phase of the Master’s Thesis (10 ECTS)                    

  • Execution Phase of the Master’s Thesis (10 ECTS)     

  • Finalising Phase of the Master’s Thesis (10 ECTS)  

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